We offer a wide range of financial products and services to individuals, privately and publicly traded companies throughout the Globle. Our clients receive selected wide array of long- term capital structure that historically has been available to individuals and the world's small and large scale companies.

At Premier Financial Holdings Ltd, we assist our clients manage the complexities of running successful organizations by providing our customers with access to:


Leasing / Capital Raising / Capital Formation

Offers specialist, structured finance solutions for the Global market across a variety of assets ranging from construction, manufacturing, IT equipment, as well as specialist assets. Premier Financial Holdings Ltd. carters for the financial needs of clients around the world; it can assist in raising funding from as little as $500,000 up to $5 million (on a case-by-case basis) in debt or equity on a wide range of requirements. We conduct our business all over Europe and USA and are seeking to grow our footprint further into emerging markets and bring our clients to leading companies in these regions.


Project Management / Project Financing Services

In today's economic climate, finding reliable funding sources can be frustrating. We deliver direct and secure financing to our clients. Our services help clients save money, time and the burden of shopping for loans in complex financial markets. We Offer a range of flexible funding options including hire purchase, leasing, refinancing, and sale and hire purchase back facilities, Project Management and Project Financing Services.

Professional Services Finance

Offers loan, hire purchase, leasing and refinancing options to the professional service sector, including dental, medical, pharmacy and veterinary. We have designed our package to suit a particular group of people or individuals to set up a business or make a significant boost in the area of the campany's finance for better production and service.


Refinance your Home / Mortgage / Property Finance

With our home equity loan which is secured against your home, we provide funds that is equal to the value of your property as cash for almost any purpose. Our services also helps you to borrow money to make improvements on your home, and are usually secured against your property. We Finance residential and pre-let commercial developments, and provides loans to acquire or retain investment properties.

Debt Consolidation Loan / Credit rating Recovery

Combine your existing debts into one debt consolidation loan, and it may significantly lower your monthly repayments and reduce the total cost. You can also improve your poor credit, which is always difficult to obtain at affordable rates


Insurance Premium Finance

Helps businesses and individuals pay their insurance premiums by spreading the cost over regular instalments when purchasing through an insurance intermediary.


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